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Terry Pool Company understands that the pool building experience can be a bit overwhelming. We strive for excellent customer service and hope to make your experience gratifying. Please call or email us with any question you may have, we are here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to build a pool?

The best time to build a pool is mid-summer to fall. What is most important is that you call us to get on the list so we can start early.

How long does the entire process take?

The typical time from start to finish is 4-6 weeks, depending upon the complexity of the project and then weather. Some areas may require permitting. This process usually takes 2 weeks and must be completed before the job begins.

Is there anything I need to do during the process?

We understand that your time is valuable. The only information we request from our clients is a survey of the property and any ideas or feedback that they may have. We will take care of submitting everything that is needed for permitting, as well as location of any utilities before excavation. Unlike other companies, we do not require you to be home at the time of excavation or after gunite. Terry Pool Company oversees all areas of construction so your worksite is always maintained so you are not required to be home. Upon completion of plaster after filling, we do ask that you assist in brushing the plaster 2-3 times daily for the first week.

What if I am unsure of what design I want?

If you are unsure of what you want, that is ok. Terry Pool Company will assess the area and discuss any ideas that you may have. After providing a copy of your survey, we will develop a unique design based on adjacent architectural structures, budget, personal preferences and size of proposed area. Revisions can be made as needed. Once the plan is finalized the permitting process can begin.

Do you offer pool servicing for repairs?

Yes, at Terry Pool Co., Inc. we hope to establish an ongoing relationship with our clients. We offer pool equipment servicing and repairs. If there is a warranty issue we will take care of submitting it for repair or service. We offer customer care support services including technical support between 8am-5pm and after hours by voicemail. In emergency situations we will send someone out immediately.

I have algae growing. What should I do?

Algae has a protective bubble, you must scrub the algae with a course algae brush to break that protective layer. Once the protective layer has been broken, adding chlorine and algaecide will treat the algae causing it to banish. We suggest that you add algaecide every week to prevent algae growth.

My automatic pool cover will not open or close. What should I do?

Oftentimes the inclement weather causes problems with electrical equipment. Check your breakers to be sure a breaker has not flipped. If not, call for service. DO NOT FORCE THE COVER TO OPEN OR CLOSE. This will cause more damage and make it more costly to repair.

My cover is out of alignment what should I do?

Turn key to close the cover. When the leading edge gets to the end of the track continue to hold the key for an additional 2-3 seconds even though it is in the track as this often helps to realign the cover. If not, then place a service call.

The lights on my salt generator are blinking? What should I do?

Often times this is a reset issue because of a power surge or the unit has been turned off such as for cleaning. This can be resolved by pushing the small diagnostic button where the lights are blinking. Try this before making a request for service.

The service crew opened my pool but they did not turn on the Aquarite chlorine generator?

The pool has to be 65 degrees before they can turn on. Owner can turn on once the water is at the specified temperature. By calling the office we can turn on the unit with your next weekly service trip.

The service crew opened my pool but did not turn on the heater.

The Service Crew only turns on the heater to test to insure it is operational for the season. They will not leave the heater running unless the customer has requested it at the time of submitting their service request. Customer can turn on when they are ready for the pool to be heated.

My heater has turned off. What causes this?

It is imperative that the water level be maintained at the half way point of your pool’s tile to maintain the equipment in good working order. All baskets in the skimmer and the pump should be cleaned and cleared of debris and the cartridges cleaned regularly or the water will not flow properly and cause the heater to shut off. If all the above have been checked, then place a service call.

My water is cloudy. What should I do?

Cloudy water can be caused by poor filtration, inadequate circulation, and/or chemical imbalance. Check to see that your filter is running and that it is clean. Filter medias such as sand, DE or cartridges must be cleaned when the pressure of your filter is high, noticing slow circulation from your returns. Slowing down the flow of the filter will allow your filter to filter the water better. This helps to get fine particles in the water that help to make your pool cloudy. Adding D.E. through your skimmer will help to coat the filter slowing down the flow, to help your filter cartridges, filter finer to get you to a crystal clear pool. If the filter is clean and running good, then check the water’s chemical balance. High pH, total alkalinity or total hardness can impact the minerals which causes the cloudiness. This should be resolved promptly to avoid scale buildup. Use Bio Guard’s Lo N’Slo to correct high pH, Strip Kwik or Kleen It to clean a dirty filter media and Burn Out, granulated chlorine, or liquid chlorine to boost sanitizer levels. Also check the stabilizer if water has recently been added as this could have diluted the stabilizer that retains the chlorine. Add stabilizer as needed. Stabilizer is what keeps the chlorine in your water.

My pump is making loud noises. What causes this?

Most likely the bearings are going bad in your pump. Turn the pump off and schedule a service call or bring into Terry Pool for evaluation.

My pool has stains. How do I remove?

Use a pool brush to remove stains and treat with Staintrine. To prevent water stains it is recommended that you place the water hose through the skimmer. If the stains are really bad the pool may need to be drained and cleaned.

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